International Magician Mr. Ken takes mind-boggling magic and blends it with music and wholesome, family-friendly comedy to create a high-energy, highly theatrical show.

More importantly, Mr. Ken  will leave your whole family astonished, captivated, laughing out loud and therefore absolutely – Entertained! Audience participation is masterfully integrated into the show that volunteers, who are always treated with respect, can have their moment to shine on stage without being embarrassed.

Looking for a Winnipeg Magician?

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Mr. Ken.

Every season should be magical! And it is easier to believe when you hear children shout during a show: “That is real magic!” and “I want you to come to my birthday party” and “I wish you were my father” (These are actual statements shouted during Mr. Ken’s magic shows and the last one was not a cheesy starwars pun.

As a parent, you love seeing the joy in your children’s eyes as the magic unfolds.

“Happiest little faces ever. AMAZING show by a man with a huge heart!! Thank you Mr Ken Show!!”
Volunteer, Red Cross Canada
“Easiest 45 minutes of my life”
Father of Birthday Child
“I wish you were my dad!!!”
Kid in Audience

“Worth Every Penny!”

Joanne Patenaude, Festival des Amis

“Great show, kept everyone at the edge of their seats… Great energy and crowd participation!!!”

Gilbert de Jesus Jr., Parent

“The magic show you provided was great, they were just fascinated by your tricks, and your close-up magic really “‘WOWED” our friends and family. I’m still in awe from your magic.”

Mark G, Parent

“Mr. Ken was interactive with both kids and parents. He was hilarious and put on such a great show!!!”

Tasha Bull, Parent & Organizer

“Honest and Energetic!”

Fred Penner, Music Performer

About Magician Mr. Ken

Mr. Ken has performed at children’s parties and family shows in Paraguay, Germany, Mexico, Canada and USA in four different languages (German, Spanish, English and Plautdietsch).

What does that mean for you?

Mr. Ken works to make your guests feel good. Laughter and wonder are inevitable. It’s all about “moments that create fond memories”.


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